Weekend Roundup

Saratoga Lake, NY

I had grand plans for the weekend to finish up a few review articles I have been working on. Be on the lookout for first web host review (Bluehost) coming as soon as I can find some time to finish editing it. (UPDATE: My Bluehost review is live and available here). I could not be happier with how the weekend turned out although I wouldn’t turn down a few more hours of sleep.

Friday night marked the start of a 48-hour heatwave that threatened our entire weekend plans. The heat index was forecast to be over 100 degrees. We worried that spending any amount of time outdoors would be miserable. Saturday turned out to be the hottest day of the weekend. As luck would have it that is when we had a huge 30th birthday party planned for my wife and her best friend. Our guests starting arriving from out of town on Friday afternoon so we decided to do a test run in the heat on the deck. We polished off a bottle or two of wine over reminiscing, laughing and catching up. Before we knew it the night was over and my wife and I headed home around 1 am. We decided the heat was manageable with drinks and some well-placed fans to keep the air moving.

Saturday afternoon the band set up and guests arrived. Everything was going well until around 7:30 when a thunderstorm sent us running for the cover. No-one complained about being in the air conditioning indoors. We had some of the best slow-roasted brisket I’ve ever had. The band was amazing, and we had a blast celebrating the ladies in spite of the storm. Happy birthday again girls! Before we knew it the night was over and we crashed again.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day on the lake

Waking up Sunday was a long and slow process after our partying Saturday night. We took some family friends and family out on a rented pontoon boat. Saratoga Lake is the perfect size to have a few drinks, float and swim. Due to a scheduling mishap on July 4th (where our scheduled rental was unavailable.. boo) our group was able to take advantage of a 50% discount on the boat. The humidity from Friday/Saturday was gone and the lake was the perfect temperature to swim. A few hours of swimming, talking, and dancing had us relaxed and ready for some party leftovers. We finished the weekend off right where it started – on the deck with good friends. That is what happy looks like to me. All the best to you and yours!

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