1-month update – TP-Link Smart Plug Utility

On 7/9/2019 I released my first app for Windows 10. My TP-Link Smart Plug Utility has been live for just over a month now. We’re going to look at sales, feedback, and next steps.


From 7/9 – 8/9/2019 I sold 101 copies!!!!! Of this, I make 85% and the end-user pays tax. So a typical transaction may be a user purchasing the app for $0.99 plus 8 cents of tax for a total of $1.07. Microsoft remits the tax to the proper authority and takes a 15% fee leaving me with $0.84 take home. So for the 101 copies sold I expect to earn roughly $85.00. This is a rough estimate owing to the app being available worldwide. Some currencies convert differently and skew my earnings either direction by 5-10 cents.

First-month app sales – TP-Link Smart Plug Utility

Thanks to a close friend my app had a sale the first day it was published and in the one month since it launched has only had one zero sale day. My record so far was on July 30th with 8 sales. I’m not sure how that happened but I am very thankful for each and every sale so far.


Feedback has been largely positive – some users emailed looking for additional plug coverage (IT’S COMING!!!) and features to be added. That is pretty typical of a software project such as this. Just this week I implemented a feature that sends device metadata about unsupported devices and allows me to prioritize plug support going forward. This feature has allowed me to already add support for the KP200 in-wall smart plug. One user wrote to me just thanking me for the app – they have a hard time using the app on their cell phone and find it much easier to use on their laptop.

Next Steps

Users have been requesting features – such as scheduling and additional plug support be added. I’m slowly working my way towards adding these features while ensuring that current users continue to experience the stable app that they’ve grown to love. I plan on updating these statistics monthly going forward for you all as well.


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