Hi guys and gals! I am a software developer by trade which is perfect for me as I’ve always loved working with computers. I remember falling in love with computers when I was about five or six years old. My parents had bought a beige box machine with an inkjet printer for their business. It was set-up in their master bedroom. The day they set it up I remember the inkjet running all evening printing out a massive user manual. One day it was sitting there on and I guessed the password and found myself on the desktop. From then on, I was hooked. I’m incredibly blessed to be where I am today.

This site will have a collection of reviews of products that I use, posts highlighting trips (conferences for work and personal vacations… apologies in advance), snapshots of my progress towards financial independence, project overviews, and passive income strategies as I try them.

A little background. I had a rough start with college, having been to two community colleges and not taking it very seriously. After dropping out I worked a series of jobs: RadioShack, a paper mill, lifeguarding. Then in my mid-twenties, my father offered to pay for one class to get me to go back to school. Having hated English the most I swore to myself I would pass that class. I ended up with an A and that set me on the path that led me to where I am today. I ended up earning my Associates degree in Computer Science then my Bachelors (Comp. Sci) and Masters (Computer Information Systems) two years later (June 2018).

In August 2018 – Married the love of my life on Traver’s day in downtown Saratoga Springs on Travers day – one of the busiest days of the year in Saratoga. We had a blast, honeymooned in Aruba, and live happily ever after in a low cost of living area in Upstate NY.

Now in 2019, we are just beginning our journey to financial independence (which for us includes home-ownership and a Tesla… once I convince my wife). I hope you stick around for our many adventures.